The Best Supplements to Help You Lose Weight // The Best Supplements to Help You Gain Weight

With the Holiday season coming to an end, and the New Year upon us, I wanted to release an updated “Supplements to help you get back in shape FAST” blog.

From my experience, when people set fitness related New Year’s Resolutions, they usually fall under two categories: to lose weight, or to gain weight. For this reason, I have the blog separated out into two portions – each dedicated to one of these goals. Let's get right into it....


The best supplements to help you lose weight...





A good protein is a staple and a must in my opinion when you are getting back (or starting new) to a gym/fitness/overall health plan.


Protein = more muscle

More muscle = more fat loss

IsoFit is a whey protein isolate powder supplement made by Nutrex Research. It is marketed as a fast-digesting and absorbing protein that can help with muscle growth, recovery, and strength.

IsoFit is made with 100% whey protein isolate, which is a type of protein that is quickly broken down and absorbed by the body. It also contains essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are important for muscle growth and repair.

IsoFit is available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cookies and cream. It can be mixed with water or milk and can be consumed before, during, or after workouts.

Here are some of the key features of IsoFit:

Made with 100% whey protein isolate
Contains EAAs and BCAAs
Fast-digesting and absorbing
Low in calories and fat
Gluten-free and lactose-free
IsoFit has been shown to be effective in helping people build muscle and strength. A study published in the journal "Nutrition and Metabolism" found that people who took IsoFit for 12 weeks gained significantly more muscle mass and strength than those who took a placebo.

My top two choice for protein if you are trying to lose weight is Isofit Nutrex and Lean Whey protein.




The calorie count on this protein is very low and the macros are as clean as they come. BUT the real selling point, and what makes lean whey stand out from its competitors - is that it also contains MCT’s, L-Carnitine, and CLA. These are going to promote fat loss while simultaneously encouraging muscle retention. Another bonus (in my opinion) is that this protein comes in a plethora of flavors. Check them out here!



As I mentioned in my last blog: Your body utilizes L-carnitine in order to burn fat as fuel. This works by providing support to your body to transfer fatty acids to your muscles. Not only does this aid in fat cell metabolism but it has also been shown to help with athletic endurance. L-carnitine is stimulant free so you can safely stack this with most supplements.


My Overall Top pick: Nutrakey L-Carnitine 3000



My top pick if you want a good sweat: Repp Sports Thermo 2000



My top pick if you prefer capsules instead of a liquid: Nutrex Lipo-6 Carnitine




Dieting and even working out can influence your hormones. A good multivitamin will help keep your hormones in balance in addition to ensuring that you are getting all the vitamin and minerals that you need by filling in any nutritional gaps that dieting may cause. In my opinion – a good multivitamin is the first step to a successful supplement regimen.


Here is my top pick for men: NF Sports WODpak


Here is my top pick for women: CTD Sports Multi Elite Whole Food Vitamin





Finally: Fat Burners


I like to look at fat burners as more of a “pick-me-up" kind of supplement when it comes to weight loss. Can you lose weight without them? Absolutely. Is it easier with them? ABSOLUTELY.


When you look at fat burners, what you should be looking for is if that fat burner is stimulant based or stimulant free. Most fat burners use a caffeine base to give you energy first. From there, they will add in other ingredients that help curb your appetite and help you focus. Energy, appetite suppression, and increased focus are all major benefits when you are dieting since these are the most prominent physical side effects of a calorie deficit.


My top pick for the person who has never used a fat burner before: Alani Nu Fat Burner


My top pick for the person who has used fat burners before and is looking for something strong: Nutrex Research Lipo-6 Black Intense


My top pick for someone who already gets enough caffeine daily from a different source (or anybody who would like a stimulant free option): AstroFlav Drip



These are all my “must have” supplements to help you achieve your weight loss resolutions! As always, supplements are used to “supplement” your diet and workouts. These supplements work best in combination with a goal-based diet and workout plan.



Moving on now to The Best Supplements to help you GAIN WEIGHT...


Ectomorphs usually have trouble not only gaining weight, but also gaining muscle. I would say that about half of the people that I talk to everyday are trying to put on weight – the “good kind.” The only way to do this is to consume more calories at a healthy macronutrient ratio. Luckily, just as there are supplements to help you lose weight, there are also supplements to help you gain weight.


Let's get right into it...




As I mentioned earlier, a good protein is always a smart starting point.

If you are trying to gain weight, I recommend Metabolic Nutrition's MuscLean protein



MuscLean has great macros. It is also going to be higher than most proteins in fat. These are healthy fats that are essential to gaining weight. In combination with the high protein content from this shake, you are going to be consuming essential building blocks for healthy weight gain.





Carb supplements are going to help ensure that you meet all your carb requirements in order to help you gain weight. These are usually pure carbs – which ensures that while you are reaching your goal carb intake for the day, you aren’t going over your allotted amount for the day for your other macronutrients. (Protein + Fats) Carb supplements are going to be different than drinking a sports drink though. Sports drinks are usually deriving all of their carbs from simple sugars. What I like about Karbolyn Fuel specifically, is that they use fast and slower digesting carbs. This is going to give you sustained energy.





And of course, if you are someone who is trying to gain weight, you have at least heard of weight gainer shakes.

If you live a busy lifestyle (or just can’t eat an additional balanced meal during the day) a mass gainer is a good option for you. These powders are the ones that usually come in the big 12 lb bags. This is because the amount of powder that you are using is almost double the amount that you would use for protein. However, these are very different from a protein powder or a carb powder. These one will have all 3 macronutrients that you need in a meal – essentially making up a full, well-rounded meal – perfect if you are in meetings all day, running errands around town, or just short on time. I like Nutrex’s Mass Infusion. This one offers a quality formula at a more affordable price.






There you have it – supplements to help you lose weight and supplements to help you gain weight!


These supplements are a great starting place to help kickstart your New Year's Resolutions and achieve the goals that you set this year!

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