The Best Supplements To Help You Get Back In Shape FAST

Now that many gyms in Texas have been open for a little over a week, and we can see that all of the safety protocols are in place, many people are preparing to get back into a workout routine. For most of us, now is the perfect time to get back in shape and reap all of the health benefits that the gym, a good diet, and strategic supplementation have to offer!


At this point we can generally separate people into two groups - people who have gained more weight than they would have liked, and people who have lost more weight than they have liked during the stay-at-home orders in Texas which had all gyms closed for almost 2 months. Whether you spend this past two months doing at-home workouts, or simply took these past two months off, we have the perfect supplement stacks to get you back on track to reach your fitness goals.




I’ll keep this short-


If you have gained a few pounds over quarantine and are looking to lose some body fat, here is what we recommend starting with as you get back into a workout routine. (Keep scrolling if you are trying to GAIN weight.)




First and foremost, we recommend starting with a quality protein powder. As you start training your muscles again, your body needs adequate amounts of protein to aid in recovery and growth. For people who are trying to lose body fat, we recommend a protein blend (isolate, concentrate, and casein.) We recommend blends over isolates in this case simply because of the way that they digest. Isolates digest quickly, this means that you will likely be hungry shortly after drinking your protein shake. Blends contain protein that also digests quickly in addition to proteins that digest slowly. This means that you are still getting the benefits of protein post workout but if you are on a diet and cutting calories back, this protein will also help to curb your appetite and keep you feeling full for longer.

Our top selling Whey Blend proteins are:


1) Spartan Whey (These come is different flavors based on size) They offer 2lbs and 5lbs.

2) Muscle Sport Lean Whey (These are good if you get tired of the "cookie cutter" flavors.

3) AstroFlav Myo-Mix (These blend like a dream, if texture is your thing - flavors are also a customer favorite)


** The exception here for protein is for anybody who is lactose intolerant or vegan - for lactose intolerance we recommend Nutrex Isofit (lactose-free) and for a good plant based option we recommend Nutrakey V-Pro.




The second supplement that we recommend for anybody trying to lose weight as they get back into their gym routine is a good fat burner. Fat burners work to support your metabolism, curb appetite, and provide you with energy during your caloric deficit. We only recommend using a fat burner to aid in weight loss if you are also in a caloric deficit. Eating fewer calories than you burn daily is the only way to lose weight. We like to emphasize that while fat burners are not a magic pill, they DO help and make a noticeable difference in combination with a diet. We have options for both stimulant based and stimulant free fat burners so that you have some flexibility and variety in these. Here are our top sellers.

AstroFlav Drip is our top selling stim-free fat burner and Nutrex Lipo-6 is our top selling stimulant based fat burner.




Lastly, the third supplement that we always recommend for weight loss is L-carnitine. Your body utilizes L-carnitine in order to burn fat as fuel. This works by providing support to your body to transfer fatty acids to your muscles. Not only does this aid in fat cell metabolism but it has also been shown to help with athletic endurance. L-carnitine is stimulant free so you can safely stack this with most supplements.


We offer L-Carnitine in flavored liquid form and in capsule form.




If you are an ectomorph, this time off of the gym likely caused some muscle wasting in addition to fat loss. If this is the situation that you are in, we have the perfect stack for you too.




Again, the first supplement that we recommend taking is a high quality protein powder. However, instead of a blend, we recommend protein isolates for anyone looking to gain weight. Like I mentioned earlier, isolates digest quickly - meaning you will be hungry soon after drinking your protein. This ensures that you are getting adequate amounts of protein in your diet and are also able to stomach as many calories as are necessary for your body type in order to gain weight.


Nutrakey Iso Optima is our number one selling protein isolate.




This takes us into our second supplement that we recommend for EVERY person that has difficulty eating enough calories to reach their goals - a high quality meal replacement / weight gainer. This comes in a powder form similar to protein. However, the nutrition of a weight gainer differs greatly from any protein powders. Meal replacements / weight gainers contain all 3 macros. (Fats, carbs, and proteins) Unlike the standard ~130 calories per serving of a protein powder, weight gainers pack anywhere between 300-1200 calories on average per serving. This is a great option for someone who isn’t able to eat enough calories during the day through a whole foods diet. Our top selling meal replacement is Mass Gain. If you are looking for a lower carb/higher fat mass gainer, MuscLean is an excellent option with some of the best flavors on the market.




The last “staple supplement” that we recommend for anybody that is trying to gain weight is creatine. Creatine has been used by athletes and bodybuilders for decades. It has been proven to help you gain lean muscle and strength by increasing ATP energy production. Creatine is also a relatively inexpensive supplement, making it the perfect addition to your everyday stack. We offer a variety of creatine supplements which can all be found here.


No matter what your goal is, keeping your supplementation on track can play a key role in how quickly you progress. We always recommend starting with a good diet and a plan and then using supplements to help you along the way through your fitness journey!


Protein powder: Protein powder is a good way to increase your protein intake, which is essential for muscle growth and repair. It can be consumed before, during, or after workouts.

Creatine: Creatine is a substance that helps the body produce energy. It can help you lift heavier weights and recover from workouts faster.

Glutamine: Glutamine is an amino acid that is important for immune function and muscle recovery. It can be taken before, during, or after workouts.


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