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Formutech Nutrition- Test RX

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  • Scientifically Formulated
  • Helps to Increase Sex Drive
  • Clincally Studied Ingredients


FormuTech has developed a proprietary distribution system called Self-Microemulsifying Delivery System ("SMEDS RXTM") that has been proven to increase many compounds such as curcumin and steroidal saponins that have a wide spectrum of biological and pharmacological activities. Many of these compounds have great promise in the lab, but do not translate to real world results because of their low solubility and stability in aqueous solution, and low bioavailability. To overcome these limitations, FormuTech developed SMEDS RXTM as a state-of-the-science delivery method to get the most benefits of the extremely powerful compounds in Test Rx Testosterone Booster. The SMEDS RXTM formulation improved the oral bioavailability of Test Rx Testosterone Booster significantly, and the relative oral bioavailability when compared with a suspension, was greater than 1,000%!

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