Carnage Bloodlust Pump Caps
Carnage Bloodlust Pump Caps
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Carnage Bloodlust Pump Caps

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Carnage Bloodlust Pump Caps by Nutrifitt Labs

Bloodlust Pump Caps is a pump capsule supplement from NutriFitt Labs. Combining a great profile of pump ingredients, this is an excellent product for pumps.

Bloodlust Pump Caps Highlights

  • Intense Muscle Pumps
  • Clean Energy & Endurance
  • Boost Nitric Oxide Production
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Cognitive Enhancement & Focus
  • Amplify Blood Flow and Nutrient Delivery

Bloodlust Pump Caps Supp Facts

NitroRocket® - 1000mg

A patented Arugula Extract with a host of benefits, NitroRocket is a true powerhouse when added to the potent formula already found in Carnage Bloodlust Pump. When you demand the most insane pumps, as if helium was injected into your muscle, NitroRocket can help you accomplish that. With increased blood flow that helps oxygenate muscles, cognitive enhancements, and a reduction in inflammation, NitroRocket wears multiple hats to help you get the most out of your training and recovery.

EndoSurge™ - 600mg

This trademarked ingredient goes down the list and checks many of the boxes men look for in a pre-workout supplement. Consisting of three very specific botanical extracts, EndoSurge can drastically improve nitric oxide production, blood flow, vasodilation, and antioxidant levels. This remarkable ingredient helps maximize workout performance due to being heavy on Black Ginger kicks things up a notch by helping increase natural testosterone production, maximizing muscle growth and strength, enhancing sexual performance, and boosting libido.

Cellflo6® - 300mg

While Cellflo6 is a patented Green Tea Extract, the benefits associated with this ingredient aren’t merely to provide you with clean energy. Cellflo6 has been extensively researched and found to help boost energy, aid in muscle recovery, reduce oxidative stress, enhance cardiovascular health, support fat burning, and increase muscle endurance. When used pre-workout, Cellflo6 can help maximize your pump, energy, recovery, and results.

VasoDrive-AP® - 254mg

A patented compound that kicks nitric oxide production into overdrive to help enhance muscle pumps while also helping to drastically reduce muscle soreness following workouts. If you chase the pump during your workouts, you’ll love the look and feel you can achieve through VasoDrive-AP when you look in the mirror and do a double-take to ensure the person in the reflection is really you.

Sodium Chloride - 252mg

To be frank, there’s nothing sexy to say about salt. However, it plays a crucial role in your workouts and results. Consuming salt pre-workout can not only help you achieve better pumps by increasing blood volume, but it also helps improve muscle contractions and nerve function. It also plays a vital role as a key nutrient in the body to help replenish lost electrolytes when excreted through sweat. As a bonus, it can help prevent you from cramping up mid-set or diminishing your performance by becoming dehydrated.

XanthoPump™ - 100mg

Another potent trademarked ingredient meticulously chosen to be added to the formula is XanthoPump. This ingredient is simply another layer of an already stellar formula when it comes to overall performance and muscle pumps. XanthoPump has the ability to help enhance workout performance, improve muscle pumps, boost cognitive functioning, increase strength, and maximize energy and endurance. Research has also shown that the ingredients that make up XanthoPump include anti-oxidative, anti-aging, antibacterial, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and immunomodulatory properties. This is a true all-in-one trademarked powerhouse when it comes to overall health and workout performance.

BioPerine® - 10mg

This patented ingredient can be considered the glue that keeps a formulation together. The active compound has both antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties while also helping to improve the absorption of nutrients and other ingredients. You can only benefit from what you’re able to absorb, and BioPerine does the job when it comes to helping your body absorb and utilize supplements. BioPerine may also aid in brain function, blood sugar regulation, and healthy digestion.

The Carnage Bloodlust Pump Caps is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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