Glucose Support
Glucose Support
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Glucose Support

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Blood Glucose Support Revive MD

Revive MD’s Glucose is an efficaciously-dosed, glucose disposal agent formula made with berberine as the foundation ingredient within the product. Glucose disposal agents (GDA) are a popular trend in the fitness and wellness arena. This is due to current research suggesting that ingredients with glucose management properties may interact with anti-aging and longevity pathways in the body. 

Daily use of our daily glucose supplement helps maintain already-healthy glucose levels, especially after a meal when glucose spikes can occur. It is particularly beneficial for recreational or high level athletes on a high carbohydrate diet, or those who wish to improve performance levels through supporting glucose uptake into skeletal muscle. A properly dosed and formulated GDA is excellent for promoting healthy glucose metabolism.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules up to three times daily with a carbohydrate-containing meal, preferably away from training. (Maximum dosage of 6 capsules daily)

Blood Glucose Support Highlights

  • Maintain already-healthy post meal blood sugar levels
  • Support nutrient uptake
  • Promote healthy glucose metabolism and insulin response
  • Promote muscle glycogen storage

Glucose Supp Facts

  • Berberine HCl (1.5g)
Berberine helps the body sequester glucose by reducing insulin resistance. It is very effective at increasing insulin sensitivity. The mechanism of berberine gets into some nitty gritty molecular biology, such as the upregulation of AMPK and inhibition of PTP1B, but the take home is that it improves glucose uptake and makes insulin more effective.
A berberine-primed body, your post-workout carbohydrates get selected to go into the muscle tissue more than normal, driving nutrients and glycogen storage to new levels.
  • Citrus Bergamot Extract (500mg)

Citrus bergamot may increase HDL, which is the “good” cholesterol that the body can rely on to vacuum up fatty acids-gone-array. 

It’s important to note that HDL rarely goes up like this without substantial life changes. So even if citrus bergamot doesn’t crush at reducing the “bad stuff” as much as berberine  it may be a champion for increasing the “good stuff.” 

  • Grape Seed Extract (300mg)

Grape seed extract may inhibit alpha amylase, the enzyme responsible for carbohydrate absorption. Carbohydrates need to be broken down to their most basic constituents for absorption, so inhibition of alpha amylase may lead to a reduction in carbohydrate absorption. GSE even reduces the activity of the enzymes absorbing monosaccharides.

  • Cinnamon Extract 4:1 (300mg)
High doses of cinnamon may reduce fasting blood sugar levels in addition to improving the mechanisms of glucose absorption at different tissue beds.
The effects of cinnamon on insulin sensitivity may be because of methylhydroxychalcone — which acts as an insulin mimetic. Cinnamon use also appears to potentiate insulin’s effects by 20x!
    • R-Lipoic Acid (165mg Active R(+) ALA)

    Especially interesting for those already on a low-carb diet, as it appears to improve insulin sensitivity in those consuming a high-fat diet. It does so by inducing heat shock proteins — which act as cellular linebackers to protect insulin’s mechanism from cellular inference.

    • Fenugreek Seed (200mg)

    GDA ingredient that appears to improve blood glucose control. It also may enhance the amount of glycogen the body makes, which will excite those of us looking to get the most out of our carbs. The compound also appears to be responsible for the libido-enhancing effects of fenugeek, an added bonus.

    • Gymnema Extract (175mg)
    Gymnema is a more subtle GDA than most of this label. However, it also works a bit differently, so we’re excited to see it included in Glucose RX for additional synergy. Gymnema helps inhibit glucose absorption from the GI tract.


    Don’t be fooled by the left hand — Glucose RX uses the right handed alpha lipoic acid isomer!


    While this won’t blunt the caloric spike from a carbohydrate-meal, it may help mitigate the increment in blood sugar. This means it may help with mitigating cheat meal damage! The dose is lower than other GDAs that feature gymnema,[24-26] but we can let that slide given the potent formula, especially berberine.
    • Astragin (25mg) and Bioperine (5mg)
    Astragin and Bioperine are here to help Glucose RX absorb more effectively. These ingredients show up in nearly every review we do — and for good reason.

    How Should I Use This?

    As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules up to three times daily with a carbohydrate-containing meal, preferably away from training. (Maximum dosage of 6 capsules daily)

    The Glucose Support is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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