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VPX - Medivin

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VPX MEDIVIN™ multivitamin and mineral is scientifically formulated to be the cream of the crop of liquid multivitamin supplements.

All this in small easy to swallow liquid capsules!MEDIVIN™ formula is much different than your typical drugstore multivitamin. MEDIVIN™ uses a liquid delivery system that helps your body absorb almost 100% of the nutrients. Most people are not aware that the multivitamin and mineral supplement that are on the market have poor bioavailability.  MEDIVIN™ represents a considerable leap over pressed tablets. When minerals are compressed under high heat and pressure, it forms a rock!!  That’s why some other vitamin and mineral brands have been shown to have just 0-4% absorption. MEDIVIN™ not only contains VPX’s most scientific and synergistic combination of micronutrients, but it also delivers them to the body so they can be utilized more effectively.

34 Vitamins, Minerals & Super-Healthy Nutrients

Omega 3 Fatty Acids to Support Mood & Health

5000 IU Vitamin D for Cardiovascular Support & Muscle Function*

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